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The Broome County Public Library opened in October 1904. Originally called the Binghamton Public Library, it was created with a gift of $75,000 from Andrew Carnegie. The building was designed to serve as both a public library and a community center. On the first floor was a collection of 14,000 books and the second floor housed the library's auditorium, the Binghamton Museum of Fine Arts (now part of Roberson Museum) and the Broome County Historical Society.

Old library building

Through the years, the library expanded its operations by opening a number of branch libraries and reading stations throughout Binghamton to meet the increasing needs of neighborhoods. The library sponsored English as a second language classes, lectures, exhibits and participated in war efforts for the next century. At the same time, the library collection had grown from 14,000 books to over 300,000 books and periodicals. In addition, the library added new services such as records, films, microfilm and other media.

In 1985, Broome County took over operation of the library from the City of Binghamton. Shortly after this, the need for a new library was identified. Years of effort came to fruition when a new 72,000 square foot building replaced the old 23,500 square foot structure. Through the work of the Broome Library Foundation, the county and countless individuals and organizations, the new Broome County Public Library building opened on November 5, 2000. The new building incorporated the original concept of the library as a place of community outreach by including meeting rooms, computers, an exhibit area and a local history center. On December 31, 2002, the remaining four branch libraries in the city of Binghamton closed due to budget cutbacks by the city.

In October of 2004, the library celebrated its 100th birthday. Events were held throughout the month highlighting the libraries service to the community for the last 100 years. The celebration was capped off with a birthday party, and the burying of a time capsule as the library looks forward to another 100 years of continued service.


To educate, entertain, and energize the Broome County community.


The Broome County Public Library is dedicated to ensuring that every resident has access to the information and knowledge needed to prosper in their professions, businesses, schools and homes.


The Broome County Public Library is committed to freedom of information and the development of facilities, programs, services and collections responsive to community needs. We believe the community is best served by a library that is visible and involved. We will promote continued professional development for our staff so that public confidence and trust can be maintained. We believe that high quality and cost effectiveness require teamwork among our creative and competent staff, volunteers, and Board of Trustees. Our team will strive to create a comfortable atmosphere conducive to educational, informational, cultural, and recreational pursuits.

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