Grab-N-Go Bags: Week 1 (Pipe Cleaner Challenge, Coloring Book and Photo Wheel)

Pick up your Week 1 grab-n-go packet beginning June 29th:

  1. STEM- Pipe Cleaner Challenge: Using pipe cleaners and aluminum foil, what can you create? Instructions included.
  2. Craft- Coloring book: A coloring book and crayons to get you into our “Imagine Your Story” summer.
  3. Tween-N-Teen: Photo Wheel: Make a photo wheel using the cardboard and the large clothes pins make a photo wheel. Added bonus: String up your photos with the string, self-adhesive hooks and mini clothespins that are included.

Call 607-778-6456 or e-mail us at to set up a time to pick up a packet.