Programs & Events

Every Monday

The Art of Living, Binghamton Chapter would like to invite everyone to experience a deep guided meditation in our weekly meeting. No experience in meditation is necessary! With the help of breathing exercises, meditation and ancient Yogic wisdom, we'll peek into the working of our mind and emotions and learn how to manage them. For more information, please call the Library at 778-6451.

Yoga for Beginners
Every Tuesday

Are you curious about what yoga could do for you? This basic introduction to yoga, taught by Rick Gridley, will help you stretch, tone, strengthen and cleanse. You may also see improvement with flexibility, balance and relaxation. For ages 12 and up. All abilities, shapes and sizes are welcome. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring your own yoga mat or large towel. This class will meet every Tuesday.  All participants must sign a liability waiver release form.  For more information,  please call the Library’s Information Services Department at 607-778-6451.

Coloring Club for Adults
Every Wednesday 

The group is open to anyone who enjoys coloring for relaxation or creative expression. You can bring your own coloring book and color pencils but the library will provide coloring pages and pencils and crayons for the meeting. The group will meet every Wednesday from 5:30-7:30 in the Creation Station. For more information, please call the Library’s Information Services Department at 607-778-6451.

Knitting Group
April 16

The group is open to knitters of all skill levels. Bring a project to work on during the meeting.  The group also works on various charity projects throughout the year. Click here for PDF copies of the patterns for the charity projects. Contact Sherry Kowalski at 778-3829 or with any questions.

Exploring Your Creativity: Intention Flags
April 18

An intention is a guiding principle for how we want to be, live, and show up in the world. When we ask ourselves “What matters most to me?” The answer could form a powerful intention, for which we can align our thoughts and guide our actions as we move through our day. Setting an intention is a way to bring our hearts and minds into alignment. This project will give tangible form to our intentions so that we can call them to the center of our minds when we need a guide or feel frazzled. Creating personal intention flags is a wonderful way to help us stay grounded and reconnect with what matters most.  Registration is required, please call 778-3829, deadline to register is April 12th.

Mother's Day Gifts: Whipped Body Butter and Sugar Scrub
April 23

Join us to learn how easy it is to make DIY bath products. Each participant will take home a container of body butter and sugar scrub.  Registration is required, please call 778-3829.

Board Game Night for Seniors
April 24

Do you like playing board games and card games? You will want to check out this new Library program. If you have a favorite board game, bring it with you and teach the group to play. Call 778-6451 for more information.

Meditation on the Inner Light
April 25, May 9 & 23

In the fast-paced world we live in many of us are stressed out and don’t have the time to tend to the natural core needs of our being. Join Gary Diesel, long time meditator who will be leading meditation workshops on this very powerful yet easy technique Participants will be guided through a first –hand personal experience of mediation which is the secret to profound personal well-being and global healing. For more information, please call 778-6451.

Exploring Your Creativity: Inner Wisdom Dolls
April 25

Almost every culture has a history of using elemental materials such as stone, wood, clay, fabric, etc, to make dolls. In this mixed-media class participants will engage in creative play to make a one-of-a-kind Inner Wisdom Doll representing aspects of themselves that are wise, resourceful and resilient, or to honor a recently achieved milestone, such as becoming a mother/father or a grandmother/grandfather. This simple art piece will give tangible expression to positive aspects of self. Registration is required, please call 778-3829, deadline to register is April 19th.

Books and Beans
April 25

Little Venice

The Library has started a new book club. The group will meet at various local businesses. The next meeting will be held at Little Venice located at  111 Chenango St., Binghamton. Come sip some coffee  or get a bite to eat while we discuss Little Shop of Found Things by Paula Brackston. Registration is required; please call the Library at 778-3829.

Hungry Ear
April 29

"The Hungry Ear," the Library program celebrating the art of the short story, will present two stories for the April program. Jerry Schmidt will read “The Greatest Man In The World,” by James Thurber, and “A Cap for Steve” by Morley Callahan will be read by Nick DeLucia. Judy McMahon hosts. Registration is not required, please call 778-6451 for more information.

Exploring Your Creativity: Create It Forward
May 2

You can "be the change you wish to see in the world"* by creating small tokens and messages of hope, inspiration, gratitude and kindness, with the intention of gifting them to others- friends, family members, co-workers, and even strangers.  Join the movement to connect the world through creativity by making heARTful miniature mixed-media collages...leave with a stash of creative goodness to spread around town and brighten someone's day.  No previous art experience necessary.  All materials provided.  Registration is required, please call 778-3829, deadline to register is April 26th.
* A quote from Ghandi

Book Club
May 2

If you like to read and share your thoughts about books in a friendly atmosphere, you are invited to join the Book Club. For the May meeting, the group will discuss Fascism: A Warning by Madeleine Albright. For more information, please call the Library’s Information Services Department at 607-778-6451.

Exploring Your Creativity: A Star is Born
May 9

If the story of your life was expressed as a collection of songs or musical scores, what would the title of the CD be?  If you were a famous singer or musician, what would your stage name be?  What songs capture the essence of the themes and chapters of your life?  In a spirit of imagination and playfulness, you will create your own CD and CD cover and the world will know that a star is born.  Registration is required, please call 778-3829, deadline to register is May 3rd.

Writers' Group
May 11

Come one, come all writers! Whether you have been doing it forever or just starting out, bring your written words to this newly formed group and receive feedback from fellow wordsmiths as time permits!  The group is facilitated by Valerie Zehl.  For more information call the Library at 778-6451.

Children's and Young Adult Programs & Events

Please see the following for information on Children's or Young Adult programs and events.